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Legal Depositions, Conferences, Focus Groups, CLE's,

Day-in-the-Life videos, videotaped Wills & more 

Deposition Rates include:

Experienced Legal Videographer

  DV camera(s) -- 3-chip cameras for accurate color, w/ white balance                             

  Audio Mixer -- 4 to 8 channels (separate mic's) w/ EQ, gain, & monitoring of levels 

  DVD recording -- simultaneous recording on disc as immediate backup

  Burning the DVD’s -- with printed label of deposition info (date, case #, runtime)

  Protective cases -- jewel boxes or 3 ring binder pages for multiple disc’s 

  Court Reporter Audio -- separate audio file as .mp3 for court reporter upload/backup

  Archiving  --  DV tapes and disc image (.dmg) files are maintained for 5 years

* * * * * *

    We provide dedicated, responsible and reliable videotaping services for attorneys and law firms. Accurate recording, clear audio and quick turnaround are the standards of our practice.

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