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Legal Video    F.A.Q.

 Why hire a videographer?

    An experienced legal videographer is responsible for providing not only the continuous video of the witness testifying, but also for listening to and maintaining volume levels during the deposition, so the jury can readily understand both the questions and answers. 

    Sound levels are adjusted by having separate lapel mic's (lav's) for the taking attorney, the deponent and the opposing counsel, so that all information and content is equally presented.

    In addition, it may be necessary to move or re-frame the image during taping if the deponent moves or uses displays or exhibits in answering questions.

 What format do you provide?

    DVD's (MPEG-2) are produced, printed, archived on hard disk and typically delivered 2 to 4 days after a deposition. Other formats such as the original DV tapes or VHS tape can also be provided. 
    Video-Sync DVD's (combined video and transcript) can be accomplished for an additional fee, with added time needed for transcript completion.


                    -- Your Experienced Legal Videographer

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